Who am I?

I'm an Amsterdam born and based designer turned strategy director and entrepreneur.

This is my humble and minimal portfolio with several highlights from the many projects I've participated in as a product manager, UX designer and also a digital designer.

Over the years I've worked in e-commerce, recruitment, gaming, online gambling, and at several media agencies (Ogilvy, TBWA, Publicis, DEPT, Code d'azur, Nomads) creating products for brands including HOYA, Polestar, Action, Games.com, Ford, IBM, American Express, KLM, HP, British Telecom, Orange ,Unilever, Deloitte, WWF, McDonalds and many more. 

My particular talent lies in the ability to think strategically in design and marketing terms, in order to establish credibility through the communication.

Being able to transform a verbal idea into an interactive experience. Understanding users and how they will interact with the product being developed. Making desktop and mobile products not only look and feel good but also perform on data-driven insights.

I also have experience in leading product/UX teams.

If you are already here reading this, feel free to reach out on any of the social networks, connect on Linkedin or or send me an email at michiel@digitalux.nl