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love Hi, my name is Michiel Ebberink. I’m a entrepreneurial UX/UI designer and creative with more than 16 years of experience. I successfully transform verbal ideas into interactive experiences. Understanding the users and how they will interact with the product being developed. My work includes projects for Ford, IBM, American Express, BT, Unilever, Deloitte, WWF, several media agencies, publishers and smaller startups.

This is what I do

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    • In the early stages of the web, there wasn’t as much collaboration between web designs and larger advertising campaigns, customer transactions, social networking, intranets and extranets as there is now. Web pages were mainly static online brochures disconnected from the larger projects. Many web pages are …

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    • Next week I will be giving a presentation about T shaped and Sun shaped expertise. Its a new insight into the  design process where (interface) designers can stay enthusiastic in their work instead of feeling unhappy or being pixel pusher. Usually the designer is in between …

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    • Every designer has its own technique of working with photoshop. But what happens when you work with several designers on the same document.  Here are the absolute basics for working with shared documents. • Use ruler guides. If the existing dimensions of a graphic has changed, …

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    • Just a quicky on this one. But I think it will help out a lot of you, struggling with the data compression and the minified includes injected into the main html. I do a lot of developing on the road and use MyWi 4.0 to tether …

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  • Michiel Ebberink
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My website is under heavy construction. Please do come back later and you will see new work