Ogilvy website redesign

I designed the Ogilvy website in 2009. A minimal approach on a tight grid. A fullscreen video background with wide angle shots of the office linear space.  


Party App

For Party App; a new events and ticketing service start-up I worked as a media and product development advisor. Revised the product propositions for the 2.0 version. Proposed several revenue models to implement into the Party App platform (Ticketing)  


Vegas Fever

Top SEO, SEA ranking landingpage with multiple game possibilities. I designed this page for multiple use. Eventually this teplate was used on 30+ landingpages. In multiple languages.


Ford Netherlands, A1 Occasions (used cars)

Ford is a great client to work for. Especially because I was the creative lead on several Ford projects in 2009/2010 and therefore responsible for all the creative concepts and the visual designs. Ford A1 Occasions (used cars) was the first major Ford redesign I started to work on.


Ford Onderhoud (Rapid Service)

In between Ford used Cars and the Ford dealerwebsite we managed to squeeze out the Ford maintenance website. Its a website where we try to convince Ford drivers to get their service checks done at a Ford rapid service dealer. Its much cheaper and its […]


Ford Dealer Network

My most important and interesting Ford assignment was creating the 150+ dealer websites network. I was responsible for overal (re)design and the concept. Most of work resulted in happy Ford dealers and its customers. Many hours went into integrating the used cars environment into the […]



For Subbseven; a new disruptive fashion e-tailer start-up I worked as a media and product development advisor Advised on tweaking the development budget and was present at meetings with potential funding partners / investors. Revised the product proposition from a multi-brand platform focus to a […]


American Express Edm

I (re)designed this American Express Direct emailing. The email generated more clicks then any mailing designed the old default template. (I think it had something to do with the orange button).  


Unilever Adez – Fruit & Soja drink

With the debut of AdeZ, Unilever had entered the growing health-conscious smoothie market. One year later after its launch it needed a fresh campaign for its new flavors. Unilever just wanted some minor website adjustments. I convinced them Ogilvy could build them a completely new website within the same budget.


American Express RTP

This design is part of the American Express ‘Realise the potential’ campaign. I’m especially very happy with the little airplane, wich converted extremely good during the eyetracking user tests.



I redesigned dazyzers with pen and paper. I didn’t make the photoshop mokups



Together with Raoul Deleo who is a famous dutch illustrator awarded with the Art Directors Club Award we created his extremely complex and huge portfolio website in a joint effort.


American Express Avenue

I helped designing the initial layout for American Express Avenue. A year later I gave advice on improving the application’s search functionality. The search was still based on an old database format and with some creativity I managed to come up with a simple but […]


Hype – Hewlett Packard

Hype is an exposition organized by Heweltt-Packard for aspiring artists. My responsibility included both the online concept and visuals (e.g. animations) and technical development which included Action Script.



Getting an STD is just as easy as getting a bluetooth message. I wanted to use the Bluecasting technique to reach a large group of festival visitors and tell them in a creative way about the dangers of unprotected sexual activity.


Doe mee

There are many ways to feel yourself at home in the Netherlands. To find out where and when those activities are the dutch ministery (OCW) created the website ‘Doemee.nl’.